Having a family can both be a blessing and a burden at the same time. Being with your loved one can be a fulfilling and happy feeling but one should not easily jump on marriage if one feels like it. Individuals should be considerate enough of the different factors that need to be considered before tying the knot and having children of their own. One should be emotionally and financially ready when thinking of settling down.

Of course, we are not perfect and we really cannot know what lies ahead unless we take the step forward but it is also not bad to be careful and be reflective before venturing in another path of your life. No one is really guaranteed a happy life whether you are single or married but you have the choice to be happy and not just rely on others. But when you are part of a family, one should be sensitive enough to the feelings of the other family members and be considerate enough on how you feel towards them and vice versa.


One challenging aspect that you have to tackle when it comes to family life is dealing with your finances. For me, this is not really easy because there are others who are sensitive when it comes to money matters. You are fortunate enough if you find a partner who is mature enough to discuss with you about money matters while you are still dating. Both should be open about one’s work or salary because this can really make or break one’s relationship. Of course, when you are new to the dating stage, this can be an awkward topic but I think it can be discussed if both you and your partner are thinking of tying the knot already.

Discussing financial matters can be a way to build trust in your relationship. Knowing how much your partner earns is really satisfying because you know that you trust each other. And besides, you will be building your home soon without the help of your parents so it is important to lay down both of your cards and see if both of you are really capable to build a home and raise your future children soon. Problems and challenges will always arise but for me, if financial concerns are discussed openly, this can lessen the possibility of more fights and arguments in the future.

Financial matters can be a source of misunderstanding among couples. If you continuously find yourself and your partner arguing on this concern, a counselor from an online platform like BetterHelp can help you sort things out. Sometimes, having an intermediary, like a counselor, helps bring out the best in a relationship. In our case, we maximized the benefits of counseling to nurture our relationship.


Debts and loans should also be properly talked about to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Having a debt is not easy and may cause anxiety and depression in the long run especially if things go out of hand. So before settling down, both partners should be aware of each other’s financial status.

Having a family entails you to know more about budgeting and what to do in cases of emergency like having health problems of any family member, annual check-ups, and acquiring health insurance for the whole family. You also need to think about your daily expenses at home including food, utility bills, and other things essential to run your household. And if a problem arises, both of you should be mature enough to work things out and not just give up and leave.

Aside from your salary, it would also be good if both of you are supportive in looking for sideline jobs or extra income to suffice your daily needs. This is most needed during emergencies or for extra expenses of your kids in school. Also, if you have decided that only one parent will go to work and the other stays at home to take care of the household and the kids, having an online business would be a good choice. Because of the advanced technology nowadays, you can just make use of social media platforms to market your products.


There are many platforms online wherein you are free to register and have your own products sold in your account. For me, this is much better if you have a household and kids to take care of. One should just know how to manage your time wisely and set priorities straight so you will have the time for business and for your family as well.

Having an online business is a very good choice for housewives like me. Personally, I prefered to resign from my previous job after I gave birth to my daughter. Thankfully, this was both agreed upon by my husband and me so it wouldn’t be a hassle to look for a babysitter. Since we only have one baby, we think that his work would suffice our daily needs. And when our baby was big enough to go to school, that’s when we decided to have online business as our extra income. It is advantageous for me since I wouldn’t have someone to answer to and I have the liberty of managing my own time. There will be down times of course in everything but when the whole family is supportive, one will surely be successful in his or her venture in online business.



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