You know when you get to listen to the radio, or maybe you are watching television, and this ad just pops up, and you never forget that ad ever again just because of how catchy it is?  You sing the jingle over and over again all day. Sometimes your friends chime in and sign with you, and you share a quick laugh about it, and then when you keep singing it throughout the day, it starts to annoy them so much, but they sing the jingle with you anyway.

That’s a great marketing and advertising. You make your ad so memorable that people make a spoof out of it, or they make their version of it, and that is when you know that you have won the marketing battle.

With people getting more and more creative with their marketing strategies and business ideas, it has become harder to stand out. I had this marketing class, and the teacher had us make a pitch about ourselves. He specifically said, “make sure you stand out,” and that was a big challenge for everyone because there were forty people in that class, and everyone had to stand out somehow so that the teacher would “buy” us. I spent hours upon hours thinking about how to make myself stand out. I’m a five-foot girl with a small face; there is not much I could stand out on.


Eventually, I had realized that I could portray myself as a jack of all trades. I made a presentation about all the things I could do. I layered my clothes, and with every switch of the slide, I took off an article of clothing that changed my appearance matching the persona in the slide. At the end of it, I slammed my hand on the table, and I said, “get you a girl who can do it all.”

That was how I came to be “Ms. Do-It-All” for the rest of my college life.

It is never easy to stand out, and with what is happening in the world today, businesses from different industries have closed down due to bankruptcy, it gets even harder to stay up there and standout. One idea I might have is people can use memes as effective marketing strategies and relate these memes to the current situation. This is the best time to make use of all the social media platforms made available to us. We could tap into the millennial and Gen Z slang and humor.

Even counseling platforms like BetterHelp have tapped into using social media. Since everyone is on it, it is a very effective way to communicate your products. It also allows you to use different marketing tools, such as photos, audiovisual presentations, and user reviews.


Our strategy should appeal to the younger audience because, during this quarantine, most of the people on their phones and gadgets are kids, teens, and young adults. We can make use of the stress of going through this tough time as bait not only to market ourselves but also stand out.

Standing out is very important right now because it just might save your business. The angle should answer the question, “Why do I need it when I can use the money for necessities?” Make sure that you can sell your product or service in a way that it looks like it is a need during this quarantine season.

Admittedly, some businesses are striving more than others, but this is a test of time. If a business can withstand this pandemic with everyone in quarantine, then that means the business can stay through anything. They are making sure that the marketing strategies and ploys are successful are not just for the company’s sake. You are making sure that, however, many people employed in your company, are well-fed, safe, earning, and happy. This is your chance to stand out.

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