Working From Home Because Of The Lockdown


Hey, you ladies and mommies out there! Were you asked to do a forced leave from work because of this COVID-19 pandemic? Did you lose your job because of this virus? Are you still working and receiving money?

Some are receiving welfare, which is good because you can survive this pandemic with food on the table and other necessities on hand. You can afford to buy it; thank you for the Stimulus Checks. But others do not have the checks. Other women out there, single mom that is are not part of welfare. With that in mind, what do you do?

Those who are creative and innovative have started an online business. Yes, you can use the internet to create trade or service and, well, earn you an income while on lockdown.


Melvy, Online Writer

I have started writing online in late February because I had to support my son. This is the single mom in me, having to work from home after my 8-hour duty at the daycare camp that I manage. It is not hard at all since I have the skills and ability to write. I just logged back to my account in Upwork – it is a site for freelancers looking for work and clients wanting to hire people for various jobs online.

Nia, Cook

It is one of my life goals to become a chef. But it is expensive to be a protégé, and well, I cannot afford it at this time, and it is okay. This is my dream, and I will still achieve it as I have a timeline for my goals. Anyway, my work before this was assisting a head cook in a Mexican restaurant nearby. When the news broke about COVID-19, the business partially closed down, and our boss had to do the cooking himself, with just one assistant. They also do the washing and cleaning. We were all on standby until I got the idea – I cook Mexican delicacies from home and advertise online. So far, it has been great. Orders are left and right as I have placed my food shop in GrubHub and Uber Eats.

Dianne, Seamstress

In our country, people have hoarded masks. We cannot buy it from pharmacies and drugstores these days, and so, to create a little business of mine from home, I made the masks and the suits. Corona is a big virus, as they say, and it cannot penetrate clothing. This gave me an idea – I can make the masks out of old clothes and sell them. I even got orders from BPO companies for their employees, and I make at least 100 masks per day.


Kim, Make Up Artist And Retailer

You would be so surprised at how online sales on make-up is soaring these days! I make my lip tint and lip stain, along with other make-up must-haves like highlighter, blush, brow pomade, and balms. Even with the quarantine, I get to sell at least ten products each day! Women love to look good even at home, and I think that is the key as to why my products sell. And well, I also do my tutorials, and being a make-up artist, they look up to me when it comes to face beautifying. I have resellers too and other moms who rebrand my products. And I allow them. These days, we have to help each other out because it is our only way to survive this pandemic era.

Nancy, Bag Weaver, And Seller

If you look online, there is a bag called “Bayong.” It is a native product coming from the Philippines, and they use it for the market or fashion. I make these bags and sell them online. The buyers have specifications, and since it is customized, I can put a price on it. With my capability, I can make five to six bayong bags a day, and well, I sell seven! It means I have to keep up. The market has a high demand.

So, you see. These ladies did not let COVID-19 depress them and their ways to earn. You can very well create your own business or work from home if you have the desire to do so.

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