Pompeii is a virtual casino game created by Aristocrat Technologies Australia PTY Limited and generated by NYX Gaming Group whose theme is centered on an Italian city of the same name, which has been known throughout the history as the place that has been destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 A.D. There are columns and Roman structures designed around the main slot wherein the characters that can be found are K (King), Q (queen), J (jack), A, 10, 9, as well as golden coins, shields, swords, knights, combat helmets, chariots, and images of Mount Vesuvius that is about to burst forth.

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Before Starting Pompeii

The gamer has to set his or her bet by toggling the left and right buttons for Denomination and Credits per Spin. The lowest number for the former is 0.02, while it is 25 for the latter. The player can change the Denomination and go as high as 1:1. Likewise, he or she can increase the credits to be wagered up to 125. These items can be seen below the screen and near the Pays guide. You can also choose to do a manual or an automatic Spin. In case you opt for the second-mentioned, the slot machine will rotate by itself 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 times, depending on what you will pick. 


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Each combination that Pompeii characters make offers a corresponding number of points. For instance, two 9s or 10s can provide 5, three Aces can earn you 20, four Kings will give you 50, and five helmets can add 2000 to your wins. It works quite differently from regular online slot machines, in the sense that the characters do not necessarily need to be beside one another to score. One piece has to appear in every column solely from left to right for it to be acknowledged by the system. It is the “Reel Power” of the game. However, if there is a gap in between the first and third columns, even when the last three columns have the same characters, that spin cannot be counted as a win.

The Pompeii game allows you to win in a total of 243 ways. The hierarchy of characters is that the numbers offer the smallest amount of credits, while the shield can deliver 500 up to 2500 winning points to you. The figures, of course, will increase when you increase your wager. 


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The mountain signifies the Wild bonus. To obtain this, the Mount Vesuvius has to appear on the second and fourth reel or column. It can be a substitute for the missing character on column #2. When it shows on #4, your wins for that spin can be 5x. If two mountains are indicated on both columns, the amount will be multiplied by 15. Up to 20 Free Spins can be had as well once three or more golden coins combine, apart from the credits they give off.

Pompeii is only available to laptop or desktop users. Nonetheless, be sure to check this historical online slot game out.

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