An entrepreneur who wants to open an online business is prone to needing a therapist before the website even launches, especially if he is doing this for the first time. Regardless of how fast you perfect your products, it will not matter if your virtual store is not working well or you take forever to answer your customers. The more you make people wait, the more they become likely to encourage their friends and relatives to stay away from your site, too.


Now, when such issues start to pop up, successful people in business tend to hire a project manager and web developer to maintain the flow of everything. Others are privy to the benefits of outsourcing the job to an internet marketing agency as well to promote and manage the entire website.

While there is nothing wrong with such decisions, the truth is that startup entrepreneurs may not have enough money to pay for a team of digital experts. What little cash they have may go to the products to ensure that their quality can pass the consumers’ standards. Nevertheless, that’s where Embarqmail can come in.

What Is Embarqmail?

Embarqmail is a platform that the Embarq Corporation. In 2009, however, CenturyTel acquired the company until its name changed into CenturyLink. What they aim to do is to help people in business and individuals to use different and new technological advancements to better their lives and business.

One such innovation comes in the form of emails. This is one way for you to send announcements to people or receive their orders. You can also set up an email account so that your customers have a way to reach out to you when they either have complaints about your products or services or want to extend their praises for your hard work. Considering you are not satisfied with using Google’s Gmail, you can try Embarqmail instead.

How To Log Into My Embarqmail Account?

The steps to logging into your Embarqmail account do not require special skills. Here’s what you ought to do:

1. Go to your browser and type the CenturyLink website ( From there, look for a tab named “My CenturyLink.”

2. Assuming you have already signed up, key in your e-mail address and password once you get redirected to the log-in page.

3. You may or may not tick the box underneath the password section that states, “Remember Me.” If you do so, you will not need to sign in to the website for some time even after closing the tab.

4. Then, click “Log In” and wait for the server to redirect you to your account. As with other websites, the speed of the process will depend on how fast your internet connection is.


Logging Into My Embarqmail Account Through A Mobile Device – Is This Possible?

Programming a smartphone or any other electronic device to see the messages that your clients, partners, or customers have left there is possible as well. Gadgets that operate through Android or iOS, to be specific, have a unique setting in which you can add a new mailing platform even if it’s not Yahoo! Mail or Gmail. There’s no need to add something from the App store either.

If you have an Apple device, you can usually follow this progression: Settings > Mails, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account. Once you reach the last section, you will see a box, which contains empty spaces for your name, password, email ID, server hostnames, etc. You have to fill up each of them correctly; otherwise, you may even get past that page.

As for Android users, there are honestly too many smartphones and tablets that have this OS, and their settings tend to vary from one brand to another. Nevertheless, the typical steps are Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Other or Corporate. Then, you need to provide your Embarq email address, followed by the password. Afterward, you can fill in other requirements until you see your emails.


Final Thoughts

Using Embarqmail as your official mailing platform is not the whackiest decision you can ever do for your business. However, it may be among the best ones. For one, not almost every entrepreneur has an account here; that’s why the website is not overly saturated with people who want their business to grow. Aside from that, you don’t need to ask a Computer Science professional to create and manage that for you since you can do it using Android or iOS devices.

If you want to stay and keep in touch with your future customers, you should log into your Embarqmail account soon. Cheers!

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