The most exciting part of putting up a business is billing your clients for the first time. Someone has shown interest in your products or services, and they want to spend their hard-earned money on them. Of course, your hands might shake slightly once you fill the sale details in the official receipt and wait for the customer to hand you the cash.

However, there is a minor problem with this system. For one, a receipt has a limited space for you to list down the items that the consumer bought. Aside from that, the task requires you to write everything manually and legibly. If a person acquires 20 things from the store, they have to reflect on the paper so that no one will question the content of that little proof of sale.

That is why entrepreneurs should look into using the virtual invoicing software before the business operations begin. The stress-free advantages it comes with include:


  1. Easy Logging

The task of filling out an Excel sheet or paper to create an invoice is only fun in the beginning. It feels like physical evidence that you are making progress with your new business. So you might write with gusto for a few days or so.

It can be problematic, though, when multiple orders come in at once. Your fingers might already hurt from writing too much. You take forever to send invoices on a daily basis as well, which is not ideal when every minute costs something.

What may relieve you of this issue is using the virtual invoicing software. After signing up, you’ll be able to save the item names, your client’s name, and other information you might need later. When it’s time to make the invoice, you can select these things and have the online receipt sent earlier than usual.


  1. Online Storage

Keeping solid records of your invoices is quite scary if we’re honest. Someone with bad intentions can easily steal them from your office and ask you to pay a massive price in exchange for those papers. You might also misplace them, which is a hassle when you need to use them for tax-filing later in the year. Worse, non-virtual receipts catch fire so fast that you cannot save any detail even after putting out the flames.

The great thing about invoicing software, on the other hand, is that everything gets saved online on automatic. You do not have to look for them in different folders because they’ll be where you left them. During the tax season, it’s stress-free to download and print such records.

  1. Convenient

When you have a growing business, it is possible for clients to contact you wherever you may be to place their orders. You can ask your employees to prepare the items they want to buy, for sure. But if you still hand-write your invoices, you most likely need to return to the office to create them.

Meanwhile, you will have a better experience with a virtual invoicing software. It is an online product, so you can access it on any device that has a browser and internet connectivity. Your work or vacation won’t get distracted either since it only requires a minute or two to input the customer’s order details.

Almost every service is going virtual that even institutions like BetterHelp are offering online counseling. You have all-day access to a therapist, which, according to reviews, is convenient for everyone.


How can entrepreneurs not love software that allows you to create and send invoices digitally? Not only does it save you time, but you get to save money as well because there is no longer need for you to print the receipts and deliver them to your clients via snail mail.

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