Looking at the websites of the likes of Gap, Converse, Herschel, Nike, and other brands tend to make any budding entrepreneur dream of creating a platform of their someday. It can serve as a home to their background story and accolades, after all. They can show how much the customers love their products, as well as what they do to give back to the community. Furthermore, people can purchase items directly on the site, so it is effortless to gain money and make everyone happy.

Not to rain on your parade now, but you ought to remember that these labels have had physical locations worldwide first that consumers love. They already possess a decent amount of followers offline; creating a website is merely their response to consumers who like shopping online. Because of that, there’s no way for such brands to lose clients.

Nonetheless, if you and your products do not have millions of subscribers yet, you may want to put off website creation for the time being. The future of your business may seem better and brighter if you join a large marketplace like eBay or Amazon and become an online seller there.


Setting Up Is A Breeze

The usual problem that new virtual entrepreneurs are not ready for involves the website-building process. In reality, there may be free web hosting service providers on the internet, but you still have to decide how the site will appear. Where the texts and images will go, what color schemes you’ll use, and how customers can pay for the goods – those are only some of the things you have to think about when you make a website.

Once you register as an online seller on either Amazon or eBay, though, the site is already running. You merely need to add high-quality photos and short descriptions of the spaces that the outlet provided. It’s not important whether you know how to use a shopping cart software or not since the team behind such marketplaces will take care of that and more on your behalf.


Marketing Will Never Be A Problem

Another advantage of joining a well-recognized online market is that you don’t ever have to worry about advertising your goods, understanding search engine optimization, and spending your money on pay-per-click services.

For one, millions of shoppers visit their website on a daily basis. eBay and Amazon send newsletters to their subscribers practically every day as well, apart from highlighting discounts and promos on the platform. Once you add the proper keywords related to your products, they will show on the screen whenever customers search for them. Hence, you can relax after uploading the info about the goods you’re trying to sell.


The Platforms Wrap And Ship Items For You

Assuming you are a virtual consumer yourself, then you perhaps are aware of how the platforms ask you to wait for a day or two while they notify the vendor about your orders. You may also have access to a timeline, which indicates when the seller confirmed that availability of the items you want, when the shipping company picks them up from the latter’s location and brings them to an Amazon or eBay’s warehouse for packaging, and what routes your finds go through before reaching your place.

Well, as an online seller, you should realize how convenient this process is for you. Once an order notification arrives, you merely have to set a pick-up date with the shipper, allow the company to pack and deliver the goods for you, and then update the product information on the marketplace. That is not something you can easily accomplish if you run a website and fulfill your clients’ orders at once.


To Sum It All Up

eBay and Amazon make it effortless for people to reach out to their target audience and generate income without leaving the house. All they expect from you is to provide the right products and be honest about the details you put on their website. Other than that, their team will do the marketing and selling processes for you.

You should consider signing up to these marketplaces instead of testing your luck and building a website immediately.



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