Many people take pride in having multiple racks of clothes and endless shelves full of shoes. If there is a brand they admire, they cannot help but get its new products in different colors and styles. Some even wait in line for hours to buy something from a designer’s latest collections. The growing number of shoes and clothes that these folks own, therefore, often requires them to dedicate another room in the house to accommodate all of their prized possessions.

Although the hobby is not frowned upon in the community – especially if you can afford the goods – there may be times when you shop for more stuff and then worry because your “closet” is already at its maximum capacity. Hence, you may need to make a choice: extend the room or sell some of the items you no longer use online.

You can always choose the first option, to be honest. However, it may be better to do the latter as a way of de-cluttering your display racks and create a space for your new finds.

As behavioral economics research has shown, images can be far more potent in influencing shopper behaviors than text. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

Here are three more reasons to sell your pre-loved shoes and clothes online.

  1. You Can Bring Happiness To Others

Vending the clothing you own on the internet allows people who have been looking for the same items for ages to obtain them at a lower price. The hobby of buying garments, after all, is not often enjoyed by A-list celebrities or high-earning personalities. Many regular-wage earners love collecting shoes and clothes as well. Even if it means having to buy second-hand articles to avoid the original price tag, that is okay for them.

Won’t it make you elated to know that the things you feel like dumping in the trash are treasures for others? It is more recommendable to sell the used products online than to drop them at Salvation Army in this context because you can at least guarantee that the people who buy the pieces indeed want as much as you did in the past.

 Substantially reducing our environmental damages ultimately means transitioning to a less materials-intensive economy. — Kenneth Worthy Ph.D.

2. It Can Be Considered As A Form Of Recycling

The truth that many remain oblivious of is that most of the clothes and footwear that we have come out of factories. The more fuel they burn to turn on the machines that create the items you put on your body, the more air pollution we all need to deal with. When you purchase authentic leather articles, on the other hand, it entails that some animals got sacrificed to provide the resources for them.

The benefit of re-selling the stuff you don’t use anymore is that other individuals no longer have to buy brand-new products from stores. It is nature-friendly, in the sense that the brands will have plenty of items left in stock for a while. It won’t then be necessary to ask the factory manager for more supplies and inadvertently pollute the air further.

3. You Can Make Serious Money Out Of It

Lastly, selling second-hand clothing pieces and shoes does not entail that your prices should only be five or ten percent of its original value. The rates, to be honest, depending on the condition of the items. If they have wears and tears, you undoubtedly cannot ask for much. In case the articles were rarely used and still look almost brand-new, then no one will question you for placing the product at a medium to high price point.

…when the interaction between sex and product type (new or used) was examined, the headline-grabbing result appeared: while women netted a mere 3% less on average for used products than men, they netted a more-impressive 20% less for new products (where, naturally, one expects products to be the same). — Jesse Marczyk Ph.D.

When you think of disposing of a tiny portion of your collection virtually, it may not seem like a money-making task – that’s true. You may even shed a tear the first time someone purchases an item since it entails that you will have to part from the piece for good. However, considering you have plenty of shoes and clothes in excellent conditions to get rid of – and your closet is still full – it will not be hard for you to garner hundreds or thousands of dollars every month through online selling.


Can you see now why it’s best to sell your pre-loved shoes and clothes online?

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