Starting a business online is a highly feasible dream. Once connected to the internet, you are free to roam around various platforms to market your products and services. What you sell on Facebook, for instance, can be on your IG story or Twitter feed as well.

You can become a one-person team, which is perfect if you don’t have extra budget for paying an employee. It is easy to take crash courses in different business aspects these days. After a month or two of learning online, you will know how to use technology to fulfill your entrepreneurial goals.

Nevertheless, there are a few activities that you need to disregard to succeed with your online business.

  1. Focusing On Website-Making

Building a website has been a staple for people who wish to promote their goods virtually. Every established company has at least a single site dedicated to their products. In case they have subsidiaries, you will see separate websites for them too.

The main finding of the Princeton computer scientists’ study was that of the over 11,000 shopping websites they analyzed, 11.1% had at least one dark pattern woven into its design. In pure numbers, this means over twelve hundred of the most popular online retail sites try to manipulate shopper behavior by explicitly implementing one or more questionable tactics. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

The thing is, with tons of business-minded folks going to that route, there is a possibility that your site won’t be on the first page of search engines immediately. You have to improve your content, consider SEO, and make sure everyone can navigate through the pages well.

The time you’ll spend doing all of that, though, may become more profitable if you use it to make a page for it in an existing channel. Think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, as well as virtual marketplaces. They can promote your services and products easily – you only need to upload pictures and some texts. Then, sooner than later, customers will soon come your way.

Isn’t that more practical than focusing on website-making?


…found that women were perceived as not being afraid to go against traditional norms and to value opinions from a variety of stakeholders. — Rick Nauert PhD

  1. Trying To Be Super Unique

It is generally not wrong to want to break yourself out of the mold and start a new business trend. The society often speaks of the importance of rising above competitors by serving something fresh to the public. However, you might stray away from your real objectives once you try to make your business scheme extra unique.

A smart tip for this case is to identify the things that big and small companies are already doing correctly. You don’t have to talk to them; you should merely research their platforms to know their positive points. After that, you ought to ponder about how you can adopt those proven practices and still let your individuality shine.

Once you figure out the right process for that without looking like a copycat, you may become an achiever in the virtual world of business early.

  1. Not Going All In

It seems relevant to point out as well that no entrepreneurial scheme succeeds when the owner only works on building their online presence halfheartedly.

Say, you created a business page on Facebook to sell decorative stuff that you made yourself. You want to make extra money out of that and eventually be able to leave your day job to become your boss.

A common freeze reaction is to feel so overwhelmed we “play possum” with our financial lives. We put our heads in the sand and avoid thinking about our finances, stop looking at our bank statements, shy away from conversations about money, and ignore recommendations from our financial advisors. — Brad Klontz Psy.D., CFP

The appropriate plan of attack here is to have the pictures taken with a high-definition camera. You can’t utilize a device with low resolution for that. Potential buyers will be scrunching up their faces in front of the screen then, trying to make out the product in the images. Worse, they might exit your page without getting anything and look for another seller with great photos.

It won’t also hurt to promote it to your FB friends. There is no room for shyness if you want to get revenues from a business. You have to let as many people as possible visit the business page so that they can speak of it with their other buddies. Otherwise, nobody might pay attention to your products.


Don’t forget the activities you should disregard when you work towards your dream of becoming an online entrepreneur.

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