Frequently Asked Questions About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There are a lot of aspects to the business that can keep business owners up at night. Often they tend to worry about profits, the economy, budget, taxes, employees, among many others. While these are important aspects of the business, too much worrying for days on end can affect life quality. Sometimes, overthinking and constant worrying can even lead to serious mental health conditions. 

Worrying is normal for every individual. But once it turns into something serious, these negative thoughts can eventually hold back a person from doing finer things in life. It can also weigh down heavily on relationships and daily life.


If you feel constant worry and feel that it’s pulling you deeper, it would be best to get help from a professional. One of the best treatments for the condition is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT.

As the name suggests, cognitive-behavioral therapy aims to help you deal with your cognitive thoughts and their elicited behaviors. It is a widely popular form of therapy to help people develop better coping strategies to deal with their daily battles. CBT is an effective therapy for a wide range of people, from children with ADHD to adults dealing with PTSD, among others.

To shed more light on the matter, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about CBT. We aim to teach the concepts behind it and the processes and techniques therapists use in this type of treatment. Moreover, we will identify who will benefit the most from CBT. Finally, we will also talk about how CBT can help you change the way you think.

What does cognitive behavioral therapy involve?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy involving a treatment effort to change a client’s thinking patterns. It is often used to analyze an individual’s train of thoughts, behavior, and the interconnection of both. CBT’s goal is to determine whether these are doing individual more harm than good.

What is an example of cognitive-behavioral therapy?

CBT is a popular psychotherapy treatment for several mental health disorders. A most common example of cognitive behavioral therapy is dialectical behavioral therapy or DBT. DBT’s primary aim is to help patients cope with their present life and eliminate any self-destructing behavior such as substance or alcohol abuse.

Can you do CBT on yourself?

Doing CBT on yourself is possible, although not often recommended. Self-help books are readily available in many bookstores and on the internet. These books or notes can temporarily help you while waiting for a professional’s help or advice.

How long does it take for cognitive behavioral therapy to work?

Like other types of psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy works between 12 to 20 weeks on average. Each week should at least have one session running for 45 minutes to an hour. Often, improvement can be seen between the 12th week. The duration varies for each patient. Some may take a shorter time, while some may take longer.

What is CBT not good for?

CBT is known to be an aggressive type of therapy treatment. It is not an advisable option for people who have a complex mental illness or those with learning disabilities. Some disorders that are not recommended with CBT are schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Who needs cognitive behavioral therapy?

Individuals who have psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse problems may be recommended and may need to be treated using cognitive behavioral therapy.

What are the three main goals in cognitive therapy?

Since CBT is a goal-oriented type of therapy treatment, it has three main goals: to relieve the patient’s symptoms, to help the client form effective coping strategies, and to amend cognitive patterns and structures to prevent any relapse. These three goals will help the therapist improve the life condition and circumstances of a person’s thinking abilities.

What are the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy?

Some of the most common techniques used in cognitive behavioral therapy include 1) journaling – wherein patients are asked to keep a diary of their thoughts and feelings, 2) exposure therapy – from the name itself, exposes clients to help them face fears and other things, and 3) relaxed breathing – a simple form of meditation of yoga. Other techniques also include guided discovery, cognitive restructuring, and role-playing.

What is CBT for anxiety?

One of the most common psychological disorders treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT is anxiety. CBT is useful in managing anxiety disorder symptoms. For example, CBT’s exposure therapy technique teaches patients to face whatever, whomever, or whichever is causing them anxiousness, fear, and excessive worries.


What are the cognitive techniques?

Cognitive techniques do not only refer to the set of techniques used in cognitive behavioral therapy. They also represent any evidence-based approaches or methods used to determine a person’s thinking capacity, ability, belief, and other things to do with our cognition.

Does CBT really work?

Yes, CBT works. According to research, it is considered the most effective treatment in psychotherapy, especially in treating mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

What is the success rate of cognitive-behavioral therapy?

Based on recent data, cognitive behavioral therapy’s success rate as a sole treatment ranges between 50% and 75%—this success rate is after completing more than five weeks of therapy.

Can CBT make anxiety worse?

CBT aims to ease how you’re feeling by breaking down problems in more simple terms. It is collaborative, highly-structured, pragmatic, and focuses on current difficulties. Although CBT strives to break negative cycles, there can be instances where some forms of CBT, like exposure therapy, can make things worse. To make the best out of your therapy, make sure to seek help from professionals.

What is cognitive behavioral therapy for weight loss?

Recent studies show the effectiveness of the combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and other procedures to combat obesity. It is called the CBT-OB or cognitive behavioral therapy for obesity. Under this treatment program, obese individuals are allowed to achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How do I practice CBT for anxiety?

Managing anxiety on your own can be challenging. However, you can help by practicing a few CBT techniques to help ease your anxiety disorder symptoms. You can try relaxation techniques, such as doing yoga or meditation. You can also start journaling on your own and begin by writing positive affirmations instead of negative thinking. There are plenty of self-help ways you can find in books and online.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy has stood out as a popular trend in psychotherapy for decades now. To put it simply, CBT attempts to understand our thought processes and behaviors affecting our daily life. This way, we can develop an effective and useful coping strategy for any similar problem that may come up. At present, CBT has made huge strides in condition-specific treatments, like DBT for substance abuse and CBT-OB for obesity.

CBT employs a lot of techniques, from journaling and exposure therapy to relaxation techniques. While there are self-help options, it’s still better to have a professional guide you throughout the CBT process. The entire CBT protocol involves hour-long sessions taking place in 12-20 weeks. With an overall success rate of more than 50% to 75%, CBT was effective in treating anxiety.

Ideally, CBT is meant for people who have anxiety, depression, and substance abuse problems. Specifically, people with anxiety learn how to face their worries and fears better. But despite these benefits, we need to be careful in exposing people to these therapies, as it can turn worse. Moreover, there are people with psychosis and bipolar disorders who fare worse with CBT. These are why consulting an experienced cognitive-behavioral therapist is recommended.

Do you think cognitive behavioral therapy can help you develop better thought processes and coping mechanisms for your everyday problems? If you agree, you might need to look for a cognitive-behavioral therapist today to help you process your thoughts. With their years of expertise in the field, they can certainly guide you on being a better version of yourself. 

Online Business Presence – Any Connection With Mental Health?


Everything in our world today revolves online. Like it or not, most things are now found online. Banking, shopping, groceries, dating, business, the world around us, is now condensed into one place that everyone can access. The internet is where everything is happening nowadays, and if you do not go along with it, you either get stuck, or you do not experience the same growth as everyone else in this fast-paced cyber world.

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Standing Out During Quarantine


You know when you get to listen to the radio, or maybe you are watching television, and this ad just pops up, and you never forget that ad ever again just because of how catchy it is?  You sing the jingle over and over again all day. Sometimes your friends chime in and sign with you, and you share a quick laugh about it, and then when you keep singing it throughout the day, it starts to annoy them so much, but they sing the jingle with you anyway.

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Why You Should Use Aweber


An email has always been a massive part of our lives ever since it was introduced to us a few years ago. Hence, I think a lot of people have thought of using this as a form of a marketing strategy for their business. Well, who would not want to do it when you do not have to spend money on batches of printed paper? Not only will that be wasteful, but the printouts may not attract customers as well.

Aside from that, email marketing can reach every single internet user all over the world while you are only sitting anywhere inside your house, clicking away. You only have to pay for your electricity bills and internet subscription. However, the problem arises because there are so many things to add in your advertising email. Sometimes, all the ideas get shambled in your head. In the end, it may ruin all your efforts with getting your clients.



If you are one of those people who get the same problem stated above, then perhaps you’d want to look at the possibility of purchasing an email marketing software from the Aweber Communications. It is a “proven and tested” type of service provider that you surely would not regret having.

Tom Kulzer, the founder of Aweber, mentioned that he created it in 1998 mainly for aiding the small businesses to generate high quality sign up forms. They also want to help to send out email newsletters to prospective customers and clients through email marketing in a stress-free and very much effective manner.

What an internet marketer should know about ultimately is how to be able to manage your potential clients once you get them and if you have Aweber in your system already, you won’t have to worry about it anymore simply because the software can do this job for you. 



But before you can have these customers, they often take a look at the overall of the email. If it is not pleasant enough to their eyes, they won’t even read the offers that you included in the mail and just put it in the trash. You are lucky because Aweber may have thought of that when they were developing the software as it provides more than 150 HTML email templates that you. Thus, their customers can readily utilize whenever you want to make eye-catching emails.

Newsletters, coupons, promos, and other special offers can be made and distributed without any trouble with the use of this email marketing tool. Other than that, it can also broadcast sign-up forms that can generate traffics and leads and high conversion rates to your website.

Once you are already established in email marketing, the Aweber software has a nice feature that transforms your latest posts into an email newsletter. That will allow clients to know updates in your website. Besides, it gives you the ability to direct email auto-responders so that a series of messages can be automatically sent to a lot of people. 

Best of all, it can help you bond and build lasting relationships with your clients. I assure you, business-minded people, that the Aweber email marketing software is that best thing that you can ever have. 

Why You Should Work With Hostgator

It is now a common knowledge that a lot of people who have either small or huge businesses or groups prefer to have a web site dedicated to them. The primary reason is that it will give them more guarantee that every single individual in any part of the universe will be able to know what kind of products or services that they can offer. Doing so will also keep them from paying too much for printed materials since the internet is relatively less expensive compared to those tangible advertisements.


However, there is this little misconception to the part of the domain name buyers. They think that once they purchase a name for their online site and their web pages are all done, they can already get seen by the public. The truth is that making it known to anyone will only be possible if you have a web hosting service. It will be as if you bought lots of things that you need in a house like tables, dining set, bed, and pillows when you have not looked for the actual house yet. Talk about such a waste of time.

What Can You Do?


What I can certainly recommend to you is to get a subscription to a web hosting company that can satisfy your demands and budget. Of course, you only want to work with the best service provider. And if you are wondering if there is such a thing, yes, there is, ladies and gentlemen. It is in the form of Hostgator.

The slogan says that they will “eat up the competition.” That cannot be bluffing, considering Hostgator currently serves over 8 million domains in more than 200 countries. It also happens to be one of the top 10 web hosting providers in the whole world. If that does not impress you enough, then I do not know what kind of alienated kind of service you are looking for.

Anyways, going back to the main topic, it offers various service packages for the following:

  • Shared Web hosting that has Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan, depending on your expertise in creating a web site, and the pricing starts at $2.75 a month
  • Reseller Web hosting which offers different plans like Aluminum, Copper, and Silver, all with an increasing amount of disk space for your needs
  • VPS Web hosting ranges from Levels 1 to 9, and it can add a control panel, either semi-managed or fully managed, for your web site
  • Dedicated servers which can work for you even if you are using a Linux or a Windows with its Basic, Standard, Elite, and Pro plans that all have free control panels and up to 5 dedicated IP addresses

If you purchase any of those said plans from Hostgator, you will feel assured that you and your website will be fully taken care of. Besides, they also highly speak about their 24/7/365 customer support system.

Now, is there any more you need? I’m pretty sure that Hostgator almost has it all. Take a look at it now, and I swear that you will never regret it.

Good luck!

Why Your Psychologist Wants You To Handle Your Business Wisely

Perhaps there is this idea in the back of your mind that handling a business is somehow manageable. But your psychologist would genuinely disagree with you in that particular mentality. That is because the expert knows that managing a business causes too much physical, emotional, and mental strain. There is the buildup of stress, anxiety, and sometimes depression throughout the process. All little things in the business require attention, concentration, perseverance, patience, and willingness. And sometimes, you may end up fighting with all the battles at one point or another.


Things To Always Remember

A business is a structure where you put a lot of effort, time, energy, and money. It is something that you have to control, no matter what. With that, it will need an extensive amount of focus and attention. And since you will be using your brain for like eight to ten hours a day, you have to look for ways on how to keep things in order. Honestly, working too much is not the healthiest thing in the world. But the sad part is, you can’t complain. That is because no business will function alone without a complete structure and proper system incorporation. As an owner, you have to make sure the business is on the right path and follows a smooth flow of production.

The conventional wisdom is that social marketing requires hard-core enthusiasts who devote considerable attention to the company. After all, unless customers are fans who post frequently in the company’s online chatrooms, or “like” its Facebook page or Instagram account, the thinking goes, they are not going to be interested in referring friends, writing reviews, or providing free service. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

There will be times that you will stare at one spot and think about the possible next move. Your mind and your vision will get nothing from that particular stand. In some cases, instead of getting new ideas, you will get stuck with no inputs and stimulations. That moment causes a burnout. And since you want to get out of the situation, you will start to push to the limit. That is without considering your mental, physical, and emotional capacity. As a result, instead of you gaining something from trying hard, you end up losing everything because of reckless decision-making.


In terms of fleeing, in the Great Depression, the wealthy fled cities in fear and holed up in their country homes with stockpiled canned goods. Some went so far as to mount machine guns on the eaves of their houses in anticipation of attacks from hungry hoards, which never came. — Brad Klontz Psy.D., CFP

When handling a business, it is essential to calculate your overall strength. It is vital for knowledge and advancement. When you know what you are capable of doing and you understand your limits very well, you can look for ways and outsource. The truth is, you don’t have to be alone in the business because it works better with a team. And it does not stop there. You have to acquire the use of technology for a more prosperous and industrious production. Because even if you are working with the greatest minds and teams in the world, things will end up unprogressive without the use of technological advancement.

Another thing that you should put in mind when it comes to handling a business is your willpower to continue. There will times that the whole idea will make you feel psychologically exhausted. Perhaps that is due to the practice of doing the same type of things over and over again. There is the feeling of getting stuck in a routine that seems easy but is genuinely daunting. That is because when you do not find something new, the whole process of handling business will suck the desire right out of you. As a result, instead of encouraging and motivating yourself, you start to convince it to quit.

Online platforms such as BetterHelp can assist you in identifying the extent of your willpower. With the guidance of a licensed therapist, you can be able to manage yourself better. Being in a good state has lasting benefits on both your personal life and business.

Emotional intelligence is a social skill. It describes a person’s ability to read and convey emotions. The more coworkers are encouraged to collaborate and form social connections, the more successful the company will be. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.



Handling a business often requires no breaks. Yes, there is no stopping in working with ways that can make it more productive. So if you are not emotionally, physically, and mentally ready to commit to its pressuring demands, perhaps you need to recognize taking a step back and think about it. No, you should not feel disheartened about the pressure it will give. However, you have to consider reality. You have to know how much you are willing to sacrifice so you can work your ways through building an empire of your own.

A business can make you feel trapped in a life that you often don’t imagine to have. There will be self-doubts where you think you will never progress in your endeavor. In some unfortunate instances, you might be able to count your loss of motivation. But if you believe in your dreams, and you understand the need to push through, you will soon get there. Everything about your business will create enlightenment. The whole struggle in the process will quickly fade as you can understand how things work. Just don’t question your capabilities. Learn to improve your skills and allow the perseverance to come in. Because in the end, your business will represent you.

Step-By-Step Guide On Logging Into Embarqmail To Avoid Needing A Therapist

An entrepreneur who wants to open an online business is prone to needing a therapist before the website even launches, especially if he is doing this for the first time. Regardless of how fast you perfect your products, it will not matter if your virtual store is not working well or you take forever to answer your customers. The more you make people wait, the more they become likely to encourage their friends and relatives to stay away from your site, too.


Now, when such issues start to pop up, successful people in business tend to hire a project manager and web developer to maintain the flow of everything. Others are privy to the benefits of outsourcing the job to an internet marketing agency as well to promote and manage the entire website.

While there is nothing wrong with such decisions, the truth is that startup entrepreneurs may not have enough money to pay for a team of digital experts. What little cash they have may go to the products to ensure that their quality can pass the consumers’ standards. Nevertheless, that’s where Embarqmail can come in.

What Is Embarqmail?

Embarqmail is a platform that the Embarq Corporation. In 2009, however, CenturyTel acquired the company until its name changed into CenturyLink. What they aim to do is to help people in business and individuals to use different and new technological advancements to better their lives and business.

One such innovation comes in the form of emails. This is one way for you to send announcements to people or receive their orders. You can also set up an email account so that your customers have a way to reach out to you when they either have complaints about your products or services or want to extend their praises for your hard work. Considering you are not satisfied with using Google’s Gmail, you can try Embarqmail instead.

How To Log Into My Embarqmail Account?

The steps to logging into your Embarqmail account do not require special skills. Here’s what you ought to do:

1. Go to your browser and type the CenturyLink website ( From there, look for a tab named “My CenturyLink.”

2. Assuming you have already signed up, key in your e-mail address and password once you get redirected to the log-in page.

3. You may or may not tick the box underneath the password section that states, “Remember Me.” If you do so, you will not need to sign in to the website for some time even after closing the tab.

4. Then, click “Log In” and wait for the server to redirect you to your account. As with other websites, the speed of the process will depend on how fast your internet connection is.


Logging Into My Embarqmail Account Through A Mobile Device – Is This Possible?

Programming a smartphone or any other electronic device to see the messages that your clients, partners, or customers have left there is possible as well. Gadgets that operate through Android or iOS, to be specific, have a unique setting in which you can add a new mailing platform even if it’s not Yahoo! Mail or Gmail. There’s no need to add something from the App store either.

If you have an Apple device, you can usually follow this progression: Settings > Mails, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account. Once you reach the last section, you will see a box, which contains empty spaces for your name, password, email ID, server hostnames, etc. You have to fill up each of them correctly; otherwise, you may even get past that page.

As for Android users, there are honestly too many smartphones and tablets that have this OS, and their settings tend to vary from one brand to another. Nevertheless, the typical steps are Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Other or Corporate. Then, you need to provide your Embarq email address, followed by the password. Afterward, you can fill in other requirements until you see your emails.


Final Thoughts

Using Embarqmail as your official mailing platform is not the whackiest decision you can ever do for your business. However, it may be among the best ones. For one, not almost every entrepreneur has an account here; that’s why the website is not overly saturated with people who want their business to grow. Aside from that, you don’t need to ask a Computer Science professional to create and manage that for you since you can do it using Android or iOS devices.

If you want to stay and keep in touch with your future customers, you should log into your Embarqmail account soon. Cheers!